Episode 11

Published on:

17th May, 2022

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About the Podcast

Cactus Coffee Shop
Cactus Coffee Shop opened for business in 2016 with a desire to change the way we experience coffee. Bringing people together is our mission, and the best way to do that is by bringing the cafe directly to you. Whether it's with our fully loaded coffee, brunch and dessert trailer or our stunning maple espresso bar, we can brighten up your day with our beautiful, delicious beverages and treats. We take pride in using our hands and skills to make as much as possible from scratch. Our prickly pear syrup is locally harvested (often by Brooke), juiced and cooked into its signature neon pink color on site. We use the best locally roasted beans from the heart of the Hill Country, partnering with D's Roastery for organic, fair trade coffee. We pour every ounce of love, joy and enthusiasm into each cup, so that your event can not only impress your guests, but channel the appreciation you have for them during your celebration.